Monday, November 10, 2014

Webinars and Seminars and Events... Oh My!!

This week my team and I are prepping for three big events...   

First we have a seminar on Thursday (11.13.14) in Ft. Lauderdale being presented by Results Now International.  I will be presenting two of my bestselling programs -Premeditated Success and Investigative Selling.  It is an all-day event from 8:30am until 5:30pm, including a morning networking session and lunch break.  Today we did stage prep, reviewed the complimentary workbook and finalized the Power Point.
Next, is our webinar on Tuesday (11.18.14), The 4 Major Pieces To Life's Puzzle, 4-Part Webinar Series.  I will be presenting Part 3 of 4 which will focus on Time Management.  The facebook event has been created and we've invited over 2,400 facebook fans and friends!


Last, we've been working hard on preparing for our biggest event for fall, my Kick Start Your Success event on November 22nd!!  Kick Start Your Success will teach attendees...
How to create massive amounts of wealth, how to get into the real estate market, negotiate outrageous deals, fund the deals that you want and most importantly how to become rich using my Modern Method.  We couldn't be more excited to close out the year on such a big note!!  The registration is free and we'd love for YOU to attend!

Omar Periu International

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