Thursday, April 16, 2015

Enthusiasm To Kick Start YOUR Success

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Omar Periu International
Enthusiasm to Kick Start Your Success!
Kick Start Your Success! Is just one month away and we are so enthusiastic about it!  In this month's newsletter we discuss the value of enthusiasm...

Enthusiasm is the master key to your success in your life. Here are my favorite ways to increase and maintain enthusiasm at all times.

Enthusiasm is human relations in living color. It spells out confidence, reliance and a self-concept that radiates its own message to help you achieve success.
Enthusiasm is a way to attract attention and heighten interest. It is a way of getting others to open up as they become engulfed in something attractively persuasive –a happiness bonus lavished on people. Like an unexpected compliment, it pleases them just to be associated with someone who glows. Like a welcome surprise, it makes them interested.
Enthusiasm is a way to get negative people to heighten their self-esteem by removing their stress. The enthusiastic person never compares people; they make people feel important. They demonstrate a genuine interest in what all others are doing. Because of this, enthusiasm is a method of emotional control.
Enthusiasm is indeed a welcome commodity –everyone needs it. It inspires the efforts of others and renews their efforts. It steps up their power drive as well as yours. It washes away discouragement and gives a refreshing new desire to move ahead. It quells desire to procrastinate. In such a manner, enthusiasm leaves a part of you with people.
Enthusiasm has a regulating effect. It does not matter whether people are brilliant, or whether they are dull. When they are subject to enthusiasm, they respond in like manner. They respond because people want to be associated with something attractive. They want to be associated with a winner.
Enthusiasm inspires confidence. It indicates competence. It establishes rapport achieved in no other way and, because people need direction in life, they are greatly attracted to personality.
Enthusiasm establishes control over others with cunning yet gentle efficiency. It grows on people without their being conscious of it. So use it! Feed it!

Enthusiasm is the living color in your personality. Know when to use it. Know when to turn it off. You can do anything if you have enthusiasm.

Enthusiasm begins with you. It is generated by you and the amount of energy you have for anything is in direct proportion to the amount of interest you put into it.

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